True Value

Sometimes THE MOST VALUELESS, unappreciated things are THE MOST USEFUL, necessary ones.

When someone gives us a gift and the giver gives another gift to someone else, we tend to compare the monetary value of our gift to the other person’s. And in turn, we end up perceiving our value in the giver’s eyes as low as the value of the object that was given.
What we don’t realize is that sometimes, the things that were given to us might just be the things we need. 
Which one would you give a beggar, a bar of the most expensive chocolate or a full meal with rice & bread? Think about the value of a broom…it’s cheap but a beautiful mansion wouldn’t live long to be beautiful without it. And how do you take the gift of water?…water barely costs us anything, but we need it to live. The list can go on and on and on.
I just remembered this ‘coz someone just gave me very USEFUL gifts today. Which reminded me of my highschool days when I received an ordinary notebook as a Kris Kringle gift during my freshman year. I had given an expensive Basketball Ball in exchange, so I felt pretty bad that the value I had given wasn’t equal to the value I received. That Ordinary Notebook turned out to be the most precious notebook of all time. It ignited my passion for writing (scribbling stuff in it just so I could fill up the blank pages and put good use to it); it spurred my interest in history, in trivia, in poetry, in wise & inspirational quotes, and in extraordinary things; it made me the deep person I am today who reflects on life with a different perspective. And if you asked me then what the value of that notebook to me was at that time, I’d probably say “It’s pretty cheap…around a hundred pesos.” But if you ask me of it’s value today…I’d say “It’s priceless.”
Never underestimate what little simple things can do for you. In the end, they might just be the things you’d be thanking God for.