Against the Flow

For most people, the NORM is their Norm.
For me…my Norm are the EXCEPTIONS.

Christ was always an exception, and always did the exceptional. If I say that I am a follower and disciple of Christ, then I am called to live that way.

Why this blog

The Bible clearly states that from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. It did not only mean what we say, it also meant what we like talking about, what we do, and what we post.
What we normally post or talk about actually reflect who we arewhat makes up the core of our characterhow we are spiritually, and what composes our thoughts most of the time. If we observe the frequency of our posts (e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, blogs, etc.) and what the nature of our posts are, especially our STATUSES, is God really at the center of it all? Just a thought that crossed my mind while watching a number of my friends bent into living the “social media” world.
If God commanded us to give 10% into tithe, does that not also mean that we devote AT LEAST 10% OF FOCUSED COMMITTED TIME in our day to HIM who gave His all to us? Are we more present in our cellphones, in computers, in TV, and in the internet than we are in His Word? Do we “meditate on it day and night”? After all, that’s actually the Key to being Prosperous and Successful. Don’t start wondering why you’re not.
And so with this, I’d like to tell you why I’m writing this blog…
I have never been a blogger… because I do not have the luxury of time to sit down and post things in the internet, neither am I a fan of divulging my private thoughts. But I always had the passion to write about the one true God who created me, sustained my faith, and loved me unconditionally. Most of the time, I only write all my meditations, thoughts, and convictions in my personal journal during my quiet devotional times with the Lord. But this time, HE has given me the directive to share it to my fellow brethren and hopefully enrich their journey as they run the race homewardbound to heaven.
I hope the lessons I learn along the way in my walk with the Lord will also help you in yours. That is the burden that God has given me. Pilgrims of Heaven… Aliens of this World… Let’s WALK IN THE TRUTH on this JOURNEY HOME together.