20/30 Perspective

It’s this time of the year again.

Just as I was trying to forget and hope that no one remembered, they posted this photo in our company social media and office billboards that reminded me of my upcoming birthday. There’s no escaping now and no hiding how “old” I’m becoming.

This is the month.

Exactly a fortnight from now, I will be stepping on that dreaded age people say. At least the first one. You know how 30 is dreaded, 60 is more dreadful, but 90 is an achievement. If 120, God’s favor is certainly with you but only few have reached this far.

I have to come to terms with the fact that after this year, I will begin hiding my age and try to be evasive as possible when asked. Hahaha!

Been in denial this past few weeks that ‘that “dreaded” day’ will come. Had so many ducks in a row and dreams I wanted to accomplish just before I left the calendars, but not everything in life that we plan comes to happen. I wanted something super BIG to happen before I was 30 or do something BIG (like Skydive maybe, all the way from Space? Haha) But… I realized that not all of life’s Blessings are big. In fact, most of life’s blessings comes in those little simple (even probably repetitive) moments—like a beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, warm hugs, brilliant smiles, time spent with the people we love, timely words… They’re our building blocks. They have the power to influence our daily lives, in turn, influence our Life.

Of course there are huge milestones, leaps of faith, great victories, unexpected achievements, and memorable miracles…they are also things in life to be thankful for. And when you’re turning 30, I guess it’s this time when you can say that life doesn’t really go as you planned but it’s good that God makes the plans. There are no more capable hands than His. Life doesn’t have to to be about big things…it could be about a collection of several small things that make up who we are.

It also made me realize also that the notion of “old” shouldn’t affect me because I’ve always been Old—Old Soul, Young Heart. And at least I could be proud to say that I can still sprint faster than a 19 year old athlete. 🙂 (But I still can’t beat my 61 year old Dad). All by God’s grace. And that’s exactly what to look forward to—More of His Grace in the years to come.

So now…even if I can’t immediately change the way I feel about turning 30… I can change my PERSPECTIVE. And you know what they say… Perspective is Everything.

I can’t wait to see what God will do. 🙂


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