Singlehood from the Eyes of an Accomplished Woman

I don’t get why some people who are in a relationship or just got married have to be such bullies to those who are not. Sometimes it makes you feel like they want you to be miserable for not being in a relationship.

These are thoughts I normally keep to myself, but I’m really frustrated at all these people pressuring me just because my sister just got married.

I can’t believe the kind of stuff people tell us just so we can “attract” a man:
1. Act dumb
2. Pretend to be weak, and Let men be stronger
3. Lower your standards
4. Make them feel that they know better than you do because that’s what they want
5. Be a damsel who needs saving
6. Etcetera etcetera etcetera…

Well, first and foremost, I don’t need to act dumb if a guy’s brain dumbfounds me. And I don’t need to act weak either when the man is truly stronger than I am. I’m sorry, but I’ve never been gifted at PRETENSE in the first place.

Yeah, you can call me a misfit for the Philippine society of women. Or maybe Society as a whole.
I’m an army-trained adrenaline junkie, I don’t back down. Can you blame me for being born with an Alpha Male well-rounded Dad who happens to be whom I am a reflection of?

If being born with a God-given Superior IQ on all 7 areas of intelligence, and being extremely athletic disqualifies me for marriage, then should I consider it a curse? As far as I’m concerned, God never made me with Overflowing gifts just to hide them in a treasure box. I never believed in sandbagging anyway since I believe God called us all for Excellence. At the end of the day, if I take those advices above-mentioned, the man’s gonna know sooner or later that it was never really the real me in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be born a superwoman.

I never believed that marriage was intended for a woman to be less than who she is. God must have planted all those talents inside of her for a reason. They were given for a mission. And that purpose she must fulfill. What did the parable of the talents say?

It’s just unfortunate that people closest to you have given up on you and wants to change who you are just so you can attract someone. By doing so, they just marked you as impossible. Don’t get me wrong. POSITIVE Change is good. I love change. But if the change moves you from being Best to Good, instead of Good to Best, then there’s something wrong in the equation. I will not participate in that change.

And is it such a curse to have a father who is a Real Exceptional Man that turns out to be all my standards? If you tell me to lessen my ideals, sure. But only to the level where I set myself as the baseline Standard, other than the Biblical standards.

No. I don’t mind being single if I’m just gonna have to live with a ‘lapdog’ instead of a man I can really respect and follow. When it comes to leadership, I always wanted to have a man to follow. Submission isn’t an issue with me. Despite all my leadership skills, I would gladly acquiesce the reigns to my life to someone who is more right and more capable of leading me.

I apologize if this happens to be throwing stones at anyone and thus might forever diminish if not deplete my chances of getting married. I may be scarred for life, but I just needed to put it out there. Just like every single female who made history but was perhaps too premature for her time (e.g. Jane Austen, Queen Elizabeth I, Mulan, Joan of Arc), I hope that someday I’ll make history like they did. Not for myself, but for my God…and be Fully who He really created me to be.

If you’ve male, good for you.
My piece of advice?

Be courageous. Do something.


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