This world is so stuck asking the question WHAT IF rather than focusing on the answer WHAT SHOULD BE.

When your central focus is to obey God, you stop asking questions. You just follow. What’s so hard with that? WHY do we keep on asking WHY?
I remember a preacher say this before: “Ever wonder why the men of Faith in the Bible got CLEAR directions and answers from God in an instant? BECAUSE THE IMMEDIACY OF THE RESULTS ARE DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THEIR PRAYER LIFE. CHRIST was the perfect example. He was God, but he prayed incessantly. He healed the sick and drove out demons instantly.”
Although we do not discount the fact that God can say, “WAIT”…but in the waiting, do we waste time asking WHY rather than OBEY and be productive while in the wait. Even a Wait is a definite “Yes” and “No” answer—a “Wait” answer is actually a “No…for now”. Take it as it is.
God gives Wisdom, in an instant, to those who earnestly seek to Obey Him. Discernment grows proportionately with how much time we spend with the Bible and how closer we draw to Him. By the time Discernment matures, we do not ask WHY and WHAT IF… WE just KNOW.
Isaiah 20:31 – Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”
How well do you know your God’s voice (and His Word) to know which way to go? And how well do you apply the little you know more than just gathering head knowledge?
Think of Obedience as a Listening Skill. It is sharpened the more you exercise it. When you disobey, you become calloused and you start hearing God’s voice dimly or you can’t distinguish it anymore in the noise of other voices.
Don’t waste your life in the “MALAY MO” [WHAT IF / YOU NEVER KNOW…].
It’s God’s precious time you’re wasting.
There are more important things to life than asking WHAT IFs.  It’s doing the WHAT.

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