LIFE and the Rain

Normal Day…Unheard Stories…Godly Reflections.



EARLY MORNING today, I walked to work and it was raining a bit. I was about to cross the street to my building when I saw a father walking with his little child (around 2 years old) without any umbrella. He was holding the boy’s hand. They seemed to be enjoying the morning and just taking  in the mild but satisfying drizzle.


And then it made me think. In normal circumstances, most people would try to run and seek shade or open an umbrella  to try and shield their children from getting wet.  But here they were, taking that light stroll, and basking in the beautiful rain. It reminded me how God the Father walks with us and allows us to experience trials and challenges because He knows it’s good for us. And as long as we are holding His hand, we should be enjoying the stroll. He’s building our tolerance to the rain, and teaching us to find joy in it.



AROUND LUNCHTIME, I had a meeting out of the office. I got into a taxi on the way back, and was wondering why the driver looked distressed. A few meters from the taxi waiting line, he received a phone call which he answered in a low voice. The first thing I heard was “Pati siya rin, wala na?” His voice was sad, but calm. So I thought it was just a friend or a relative who had died. After a few more murmurings, my officemate suddenly exclaimed, “Ano?!” Then he repeated what he said. “Wala na ang asawa ko.” (My wife just died.) I asked him what happened and started throwing him some questions. Then I learned his story.


He wasn’t a taxi driver. He was a Pastor who was substituting as a driver in order to earn extra income to pay for hospital fees since he really earned nothing as a Minister. He said his wife had an overdue pregnancy (10 months), and that took the life of both her and their child. At first he thought it was just okay since she seemed to be doing well, and he was busy Pastoring the flock. He had married late, and this was supposed to be his first child with his wife at his 40s. It was heart-breaking. I him told I was a Christian too and that I would pray for him. My heart went out to this man. He said thank you and God bless you. I felt his sorrow, but I also admired at how strongly he took the circumstance. You could tell he was sad, and still in the process of accepting the reality, but he was peaceful. And he was truly convinced that there was something good God was going to do in the circumstance. We dropped off a few meters away, paid him extra,  and told him to go see his family. I wish I had more time to minister to him and pray with him, but we were in bad trafficzone and there was less than 100 meters from pick-up to drop-off.


Today seemed like an ordinary day, but again (like I normally do on a normal day), it paid to observe people and to listen at their unheard stories. Everyone goes through something. We could be quick to judge how irresponsible the first father was for allowing his child to walk in the rain with him; or how bad the driver’s mood was for not greeting us with a smile. We could be angry at people who get cranky on some days, or un-smiling on other days. We don’t know what they’re going through. And for all we know, their challenges might just be much worse than yours but they choose to smile it off to make your day.


If you Love God…you’ll Love people. And that means…to Believe there is SOMETHING MORE.


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